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Durham University

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Professor Tyrone Pitsis, BSoc.Sc (Hons) Pysch [UNSW]; PhD Management [UTS]

Professor of Strategy and Technology in the Business School

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Professor Tyrone Pitsis is Professor of Strategy &Technology at Durham University Business School. 

He is the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology Management at Durham University.

He is currently co-guest Editor-in-Chief of California Management Review (3*), and of Academy of Management Learning & Education (4*).

He joined Durham in 2018 from Leeds University where he was Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Business. Tyrone was born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from the University of New South Wales (BSoc.Sc. Honours, majoring in Psychology) and PhD (Management) from The University of Technology, Sydney. He was previously Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at The University of Technology, Sydney. He has also held appointments at The University of Sydney; EDHEC; and Newcastle University.

He has held several strategic leadership positions including Chair of the Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management, Academic Advisor to The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, and chair of the Academy of Management’s New Doctoral Theme Committee. He has also served on expert panels such as the Awards Committee for Australian Institute of Project Management, and Oxford University’s Expert Panel on Benefits Realisation of ICT Projects in the National Health Service. He is also an assessor on the Newton Foundation grant scheme and ESRC international projects. In 2016 Tyrone was awarded The Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management leadership award for his contribution to leadership in promoting AOM’s strategic aims of promoting and recognizing the impact AOM’s members make through their scholarship and in enhancing scholarly/practitioner collaboration and engagement at AOM.

Professor Pitsis publishes in several FT top 50 journals including Organization Science, Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, and other high-quality outlets such as Journal of Management Inquiry, Management Learning, International Journal of Project Management and so on.  He is also founding editor of the new SAGE/IACCM Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiations, and currently guest editor of The California Management Review and The Academy of Management Learning and Education . He also has published critically acclaimed texts (the latest being Clegg, Kornberger, Pitsis and Mount (due 2019) Managing and Organizations, 5th Edition, Cal.:Sage). He has been recipient of a number of best paper awards at major conferences including the Emerald Science Citation of Excellence award.

Tyrone has held several large research grants funded by the Australian Research Council and has supervised several PhD students to completion from Australia, Germany, India and USA in the area of innovation, power, creativity and collaboration.

He is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator using design thinking and has worked with several public/private and third sector organizations in assisting them in strategy formulation. This has included, The Australian Air Force, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, PwC, Reserve Bank of India, Sevcon, National Health Service, DELFT University just to name a few.

Students interested in a PhD should contact Professor Pitsis via email.

Mini Biography

I study and write about ideas and creativity, and how these are transformed into usable and valuable products or services (i.e., innovation), with an emphasis on design inspired and creative methods used for strategy formulation. The context of my research is on innovation through complex forms of collaboration (for example, mega-projects), with a core focus on creative processes. I am increasingly focusing on technology (especially AI) and its impact on users and broader society.

Recent awards and recognition:

  • Fellow of the IACCM (
  • 2019 Human Relations Paper of the Year Award
  • 2019 MOC Division of the Academy of Management: Outstanding Reviewer Award
  • 2018 Finalist SAP of The Academy of Management: Pathbreaking Paper Award


Director - The Centre for Innovation & Technology Management

Programme Director - The Global DBA (Durham/emlyon)

Research Groups

Business School

Research Interests

  • Complex forms of collaboration
  • Creativity and ideas
  • Innovation
  • Prototyping and Design Thinking
  • Technology and social impact


Authored book

Chapter in book

  • Zaman, T., Mount, M., Pitsis, T. S., O’Connor, R. & Dean, S. (2018). A Socio-Cognitive Model of Innovation Adoption and Implementation. In Cognition and Innovation. Sund, K. J., Galavan, R. & Brusoni, S. Emerald Group Publishing. 3.
  • Pitsis, T. S. (2018). Leadership. In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Ritzer, G. Blackwell.
  • Pitsis, TS, , Clegg, SR,, Marosszeky, M, & Rura-Polley, T (2014). Constructing the Olympic Dream: A Future Perfect Strategy of Project Management. In Megaproject Planning and Management: Essential Readings. Flyvbjerg, B Edward Elgar. vols. 1-2 574 - 590.
  • Clegg, S. R., Bjorkeng, K., & Pitsis, T. S (2011). Innovating the practice of control. In The Oxford Handbook of Project Management. Morris. P.W.G., Pinto, J.K. & Soderlund, J Oxford University Press: Oxford.
  • Carlsen, A. & Pitsis, T. S. (2009). Experiencing hope in organizational life. In Exploring Positive Identities and Organizations: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation. J. E. Dutton & L. M. Roberts New York: Psychology Press.
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  • Clegg, S. R.,, Pitsis, T. S., & Marosszeky, M. (2006). Making the future perfect? Constructing the Olympic Dream. In Making Projects Critical. Hodgson D Palgrave: London.

Conference Paper

Edited Journal

Journal Article


  • Haley, U., Page, M. C., Pitsis, T. S., Rivas, H. L. & Yu, F. K. (2017). Measuring and achieving impact. Report from the Academy of Management's Practice Theme Committee. Academy of Management.
  • Lundberg, M. Simpson, A, & Pitsis, T. S. (2011). ISIS: Draft report on methods and tools for facilitating business transformations. Creative Industries Innovation Centre.
  • Nikolova, N., Pitsis, T. S., , Kornberger, M, & Clegg, S. R. (2011). Report on the process of Business Review Processes in the Creative Industries. Enterprise Connect.
  • Green, R. Lyenage, S. Pitsis, T., , Kemenis, S., & Agarwal, A (2010). Report into Developing Managerial and Entrepreneurial talent. OECD.