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Ms Sarah Budasz, Licence de Lettres Modernes (Université Paris-Sorbonne), MLitt in Cultural Identity Studies (University of St Andrews)

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 44348

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PhD Project

“Un pays retrouvé”: The Reception of Antiquity in 19th Century French Travel Writing to the Mediterranean Orient

My research examines the reception of Classics (classical literature but also classical culture, visual and historical) in French 19th Century travel writing about the ‘Orient’. The establishment of a wide-ranging corpus allows me to survey a variety of encounters between the Classics and ideas of the “Orient”. My research material includes canonical récits de voyage as well as less well-known texts. It accepts that travel writing is a protean genre and includes also correspondence and, in one case, unpublished notes. Drawing from multiple theoretical approaches to literary analysis, most notably Classical Reception studies, postcolonial studies and intertextuality analysis, my project aims to explore the ways classical cultures shaped 19th Century imperialism and framed travelers’ expectations and visions.


  • Master of Letters (MLitt) in Cultural Identity Studies, University of St Andrews
  • Licence (BA) de Lettres Modernes, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne

Research Centre Membership

  • The Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies
  • Durham Centre for Classical Reception

Research Interests

  • Classical Reception
  • Ninetenth-Century French literature and culture
  • Orientalism
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Travel literature

Selected Publications

Book review

Conference Paper

  • Budasz, Sarah (2018), "Suspicious Permanence and Disappointing Decadence: Disillusions of the Belated Traveller to the Orient", Displacements/Deplacements SDN Conference. Newcastle, England.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2018), Classics and visions of Europe in early- 20th Century French nationalist travel writing to Greece, Society for French Studies Conference. University of Cork, Ireland.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2018), Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach on the road to Afghanistan: journeying inwards and outwards, Borders and Crossings Conference. University of Pula, Croatia.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2017), "Classics and Community in Early-Twentieth-Century French Nationalist Travel Writing to Greece", AMPRAW 2017. University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2017), “‘Un pays rebelle à l’action des siècles’ Encountering the Past and the Other in 19th Century travels to the Orient”, Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies PG Study day. University of Lancaster, England.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2017), “‘Un pays rebelle à l’action des siècles’  Antiquité et altérité dans les récits de voyage en Orient du 19e siècle”, XIXe colloque annuel de l’ADEFFI - 'Writing mobility'. Université d'Orléans, France.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2017), “‘Un pays retrouvé’ The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Flaubert’s Travel to the Orient”, Borders and Crossings Conference. University of Aberystwyth, Wales.
  • Budasz, Sarah (2017), “The shifting heritage: French travellers to the Orient, History and the Other in the 19th Century”, Durham Castle Conference. Durham, England.

Journal Article

  • Budasz, Sarah (Forthcoming). Un-layering Greece: Imagined classical heritages in French nationalist travel writing. Conference proceedings of Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World

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