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Mr Anas Abubakar Bisu, B.Sc.,M.Sc.,M.Sc.

Postgraduate student in the Department of Engineering

(email at

Anas holds a degree in Electronics (First Class Honours) from Bayero University, Kano-Nigeria. Subsequently received Masters (M.Sc.) in Communications Systems Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, England and additional Masters (M.Sc.) in Electronics from Bayero University, Kano where he also serves as an academic staff since 2012.

 Mr. Bisu is currently pursuing PhD (Engineering) in Communication Networks & Systems at the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. His research focuses on data communications and Internet congestion control in heterogeneous network environments. This involves performance optimisation of transport protocol such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) over large Bandwidth-Delay Product (BDP) networks. The research investigates an optimum way to help in bridging the existing digital gaps in developing/underdeveloped nations, particularly remote isolated villages in Africa where terrestrial communications network infrastructure might not be economically feasible. 

 The goal is to find sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient way to connect the unconnected communities for socio-economic developments and growth by leveraging the advantages of SatCom’s global coverage, and high capacity or as a complementary part of the Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Networks (ISTNs), which forms the evolving and emerging communication networks such as HTS and SaT5G networks.

Research Groups

Department of Engineering

Research Interests

  • Channel Measurements, Characterisation and Modelling
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Line-Of-Sight Radio Links Design and Analysis
  • Satellite and Wireless Communications
  • Transport Protocol Optimisation for Internet Data Traffic