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Professor Niv Horesh, BA (Economics) Hebrew University 1998, MA (East Asian Studies) Hebrew University 2001, PhD (East Asian Studies) ANU 2006

Visiting Research Fellow in the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

(email at niv.horesh@durham.ac.uk)

Expertise Summary

China in World History; Economic History of China; Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets; PRC Foreign Policy; Shanghai, Past & Present; Depictions of East Asia in Eighteenth-Century European Literature; Depictions of the West in Nineteenth-Century East Asian Literature


Authored book

  • Horesh, N. (2013). Chinese Money in Global Context: Historic Junctures Between 600 BCE and 2012. Stanford University Press.

Book review

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  • Horesh, Niv (2012). China's Relations with the Middle East. In The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy (Rethinking Asia and International Relations). Kavalski, E. Ashgate. 223-235.

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