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Mr Nico Schliffke, BSc, MSc Geophysics

PhD Student in the Department of Earth Sciences

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2016 - present: PhD in Geodynamic Modelling, Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University.

2013 - 2016: MSc in Geophysics with specialisation on non-linear physics, Institute for Geophysics, Muenster University, Germany.

2010 - 2013: BSc in Geophysics, Institute for Geophysics, Muenster University, Germany.

PhD Research

Subduction of land-locked basins

Subduction of land-locked basins have an inherent complex 3D structure. STEP-faulting, slab-tearing or slab-breakoff are processes accompanying such subduction zones. In this project the basins of interest will be the western Mediterranean (Calabria, Aegean and Apennines) and the South Caspian Basin. Slab-tearing is assumed to be found in both the Calabrian subduction zone as well as in the Aegean, possibly triggering magmatism through inflow of asthenosperic material. A few hints in the South Caspian Basins indicate a likelihood of beginning subduction after the Basin has been at Earth's surface at least since Early Jurrasic. These simililar, at the same time distinct areas, will be studied in combined geodynamical and petrological models.

This project is part of the Marie Curie ITN "Subitop", funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme.


Outstanding Poster Session Award, Nethermod 2017, XV International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics, Putten, The Netherlands


Conference Posters

Schliffke, N.J., Van Hunen, J, Allen, M. & Magni, V., 2017. Distribution of magmatism in numerical models after delamination during continental collision, Nethermod, Putten, The Netherlands.

Schliffke, N.J., Van Hunen, J, Allen, M. & Magni, V., 2017. Magmatism in geodynamical models of continental collision zones, EGU Meeting, Vienna.

Schliffke, N.J., Hansen, U., & Stein, C., 2016. Self-organised Roughness on the Core-Mantle-Boundary, Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society, Muenster, Germany.

Schliffke, N.J., Bretschneider, J., Guzavina, M., Haeger, C., Hellenkamp, P., Heyn, B., Kahlert, L., Lueschow, V., Manske, L., Neddermann, N.-C., Prasse, P., Riedel, M., Schmidt, L., Stieren, A., 2015, MT and Gravity Measurements in the Luberon and Vaucluse Region in Southern France, Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society, Hanover, Germany.

Hertgen, S.Yamato, P., Guillaume, B., Schliffke, N.J. , Magni, V. & Van Hunen, J., 2017. Does the rheology of the overriding plate influence on the convergence zones?, EGU Meeting, Vienna.

Altdorff, D., Schliffke, N.J., Riedel, M., & Becken, M., 2014. UAV-borne electromagnetic induction and ground-penetrating radar measurements: a feasibility test, Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society, Karlsruhe, Germany.

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