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Professor Moein Moghimi, PhD

Professor of Pharmaceutics in Undergraduate Pharmacy
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 40401
Room number: F118, Wolfson Building, Queens Campus, Stockton on Tees, TS17 6BH

(email at


Moein Moghimi joined Durham University in 2016 where he serves as Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutics at the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health. He is also a Full Affiliate Member/Professor at the Department of Translational Imaging, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston Methodist Hospital Systems (Houston, Texas, USA) and Adjoint Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado-Denver Medical Center (USA). In 2015, Moein was a Visiting Professor at Università Degli Studi Di Padova, Italy. Between 2008 and March 2016, he was based at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) serving as Professor of Nanomedicine at the Department of Pharmacy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechology at the NanoScience Centre, and the Founder and Director of the multi-million Euro Centre for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nanotoxiocology (the first interdisciplinary nanomedicine research centre in Denmark). Between 2008 and 2010, he further served as the Honorary Professor of Nanomedicine at the Multidisciplinary Research Center, Shantou University (China). His earlier appointments included a Senior Lectureship position in Biopharmacy and Molecular Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy, University of Brighton and The University Research Fellow in Advanced Drug Delivery Systems at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nottingham.

Over the past two decades, Professor Moghimi has been practicing in the capacity of advisor/consultant to over 50 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health and food industries as well as investment banks, management consultancy firms and other entrepreneurial enterprises worldwide. He is a regular invited assessor and expert evaluator in nanomedicine/nanosafety programmes for governmental bodies, research councils and private organizations (over 50 establishments in 25 countries).

Research Activities/Awards

Professor Moghimi’s research activities are focused on pharmaceutical nanoscience, nanomedicine and nanosafety. More specifically, Professor Moghimi has made a major contribution to design and surface engineering of nanoparticles and functional nanosystems for parenteral site-specific targeting/drug delivery and imaging modalities (splenotropic entities, lymphotropic agents, ‘phagocyte-resistant’ nanoparticles, cerebral endothelial cell specific nanoplatforms and anti-cancer nanomedicine) as well as mechanistic understanding of nanomaterial/polymer-mediated infusion reactions and cell death processes. Professor Moghimi’s interdisciplinary research has been recognized by many international awards and to date he has been able to secure over €10 million in competitive research funds as principal investigator. Furthermore, he has partnered large-scale competitive European Commission FP-7 programmes in translational nanomedicine/drug delivery, addressing Alzheimer’s disease (The NAD Project) and atherosclerosis (CosmoPHOS NANO). In 2014 the NAD project was published as success story by Horizon 2020, endorsed by the EU President and received the prestigious Best Project Award in the category of completed projects under the European Union Framework programme in the field of industrial technologies. As of 2016, Professor Moghimi has edited multiple journal issues and is an author on >200 peer-reviewed journal articles and >10 patent/disclosure applications. He has given >300 invited seminars and keynotes in more than 30 countries.

A nanometer is 1000 million (one billion) times smaller than the world of meters. At nanoscale, materials and substances behave differently and show altered chemical and physical properties compared with their larger-particle kin. This incredibly low scale allows for unique interactions among atoms and their constituent parts and opening the path for the materials of the future including biomaterials and nanotherapeutics. The latter encompasses technologies and system approaches that achieve and facilitate earlier and more precise individual diagnosis, improved targeted therapies (eliminating side effects) and enhanced therapeutic monitoring. On a broader context, these approaches are enabling tools for personalized and targeted medicine that can deal with the grand challenges of chronic diseases in an aging population. Images above are examples of such technologies under development in this laboratory. The left-portion corresponds to cutting-edge multifaceted and “tailor-made” polymeric, lipid- and peptide-based nanoconstructs and drug delivery platforms capable of incorporating small molecules, diagnostic agents and biopharmaceuticals. These enabling technologies are directed for better management and more effective treatment of cancer, neurological pathologies (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease), cardiovascular diseases (e.g., atherosclerosis), arthritis, and allergy. The right-portion depict examples of targeted nanosystems in various human cell types, where intracellular trafficking and the fate of delivery systems is followed by real-time fluorescent microscopy and transmission electron microscopy.


Following completion of secondary education at d’Overbroeck’s College Oxford (UK), Moein studied biochemistry at the University of Manchester (UK) and in 1989 earned his PhD in biochemistry from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School (Imperial College). He then completed a four-year SERC-funded post-doctoral training programme in Advanced Drug Delivery Research at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Nottingham, UK).

Research Interests

  • Nanoparticle engineering for medicine
  • Systems approaches to site-specific targeting and controlled drug delivery and release
  • Nucleic acid therapeutics
  • Mechanistic aspects of injection-related adverse reactions to nanopharmaceuticals & nanomedicine
  • "Structure-activity" cascade and real-time medium-throughput integrated approaches for determination of nanopharmaceutical performance at cell and molecular levels
  • Mechanistic aspects of integrated efficacy-safety profiling of nanopharmaceuticals
  • Experimental T-cell therapies

Indicators of Esteem

  • Editorial Functions:
    • Editorial Board Member - Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
    • Editorial Board Member - AIMS Genetics
    • Editor-in-Chief - Current Bionanotechnology
    • Editorial Board Member - Current Drug Discovery Technologies
    • Section Editor (Immunology) - Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    • Editorial Board Member - Drug Delivery
    • Associate Editor - Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
    • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Controlled Release
    • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Drug Delivery
    • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Liposome Research
    • Editorial Board Member - Nanomedicine-UK
    • Associate Editor (2010-2015) - Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine
    • Editorial Board Member - Molecular and Cellular Therapies
    • Editorial Board Member – Recent Patents on Drug Delivery and Formulation
  • Journal Issues Edited/Co-Edited:
    • Maturitas (2012) 73, Issue 1.
    • Nanomedicine: Nanotechnol. Biol. Med. (2012) 8, Supplement 1.
    • Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev (2011) 63, Issue 12.
    • Nanomedicine: Nanotechnol. Biol. Med. (2011) 7, Issue 5, Nanomedicine and Alzheimer’s Disease.
    • J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. (2009) 5, Issue 6.
    • Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev (2006) 58, Issue 14.
    • Curr. Drug Deliv. (2005) 2, Issue 4.
    • Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev (2000) 41, Issue 2.
    • Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev (1995) 17, Issue 1.
  • Research Featured as Journal Cover Stories:
  • Selected Recent Invited Lectures/Speeches, Chairs, Keynotes (K) and Plenaries (P):
    • 2016 NanoBioMed; Krems-Austria (K)
    • 2016 CLINAM, Basel-Switzerland
    • 2016 Engineering Conferences International, Schloss Herrnstein; Herrnstein-Austria
    • 2016 Mechanism and Brriers in Nanomedicine, Breckenridge-CO-USA
    • 2016 Food Allergy Summit, London-UK
    • 2016 8th International Nanotxicology Congress, Boston-MA-USA
    • 2016 European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences Annual Meeting, Antalya-Turkey
    • 2016 18th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium, Antalya-Turkey
    • 2016 2nd International Conference on Immune Responses to Biosurfaces, Rhodes-Greece
    • 2015 ESF/EMBO, Pultusk-Poland (K)
    • 2015 Canton Nucleic Acid Forum, Guangzhou-China
    • 2015 Department of Surgery, University of Hong Kong, HK
    • 2015 18th Annual Meeting of ASGCT, New Orleans-LA-USA
    • 2015 11th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ankara-Turkey (P)
    • 2015 CLINAM, Basel-Switzerland
    • 2015 CRS Malaysia Local Chapter, Kuala Lumpur-Malysia (P)
    • 2015 12th Annual World Congress of SBMT on Brain/Spinal Cord Injury, Los Angeles-CA-USA
    • 2015 Pharma and Food Lecture Series, University of Vienna, Vienna-Austria
    • 2014 Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles-CA-USA
    • 2014 Walk and Talk at Nanoscale, Venice-Italy (K)
    • 2014 17th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium, Antalya-Turkey
    • 2014 Liposome Research Days, Copenhagen-Denmark
    • 2014 University of Denver, Denver-CO-USA
    • 2014 17th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Cape Town-South Africa
    • 2014 11th International Conference on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, Thessaloniki-Greece
    • 2014 NanoTOES, Siena-Italy (P)
    • 2014 Semmelweis University, Budapest-Hungary
    • 2014 Nanotechnologies in Cancer Treatment, Torino-Castello del Valentino, Turin-Italy
    • 2014 BioNanoMed, Krems-Austria (K)
    • 2014 Methodist Research Institute, Houston-TX-USA
    • 2013 Sanofi Research and Development, Paris-France (P)
    • 2013 Nanoscience and Health, Center for Nanoscience in Ile de France, Paris-France (P)
    • 2013 Institut Galien Paris-Sud, UMR CNRS, Chatenay-Malabry-France
    • 2013 International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Drug Research and Development, Antalya-Turkey (P)
    • 2013 Cell Mol Ther, Shanghai-China (P)
    • 2013 CRS Italian Chapter, Pavia-Italy (P)
    • 2013 The Annual Meeting of German Pharmaceutical Society, Frieburg-Germany 2013 (P)
    • 2013 Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, Frederick-MD-USA
    • 2013 Nanotechnologies in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prevention, NY Acad Sci, New York- NY-USA
    • 2013 Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology in Medicine, Zambon Pharma Group – Bresso, Milan-Italy (P)
    • 2013 University of California-Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara-CA-USA
    • 2013 Stanford University, CA-USA
    • 2013 Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, Denver-CO-USA
    • 2013 Bridges in Life Sciences 8th Annual Scientific Conference, Prague-Czech Republic (P)
    • 2013 Smart and Green Interfaces, COST ACTION, Czech Republic (P)
    • 2012 Downscaling Science, Volkswagen Foundation’s 1st Herrenhausen Conference, Hanover-Germany
    • 2012 Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy Annual Meeting, Sandbjerg, Denmark (K)
    • 2012 Nanoteknlogi Fremtidens Laboratorie, Nohr-Con, Copenhagen-Denmark (P)
    • 2012 3rd National Nano and Micromechanics Conference, Warsaw-Poland (P)
    • 2012 8th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Istanbul-Turkey
    • 2012 Joint NanoImpactNet-QNano conference, Dublin-Ireland (K)
    • 2012 CLINAM, Basel-Switzerland

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