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Dr Paddy Ross, MA, MSc, PhD

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Psychology

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Academic Interests

My main research focus is understanding how we perceive social signals. Primarily I'm interested in emotion recogniton from the body, hands and voice.

My current projects involve investigating the ability of children and adults to recognise emotion from the human body, the development of the temporal voice areas in children and adolescents, the importance of the hands to emotion recognition from the body, and the development of the ability to recognise affect from short non-speech vocalisations in children and adolescents.

Research Groups

Department of Psychology

Research Interests

  • Importance of the hands in emotion recognition
  • Social interaction using point-light displays
  • Emotion recognition from the body and voice
  • Typical developmental trajectories of emotion recognition
  • FMRI in children and adolescents


Journal Article

Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Steinmark, E (2013). The Pubertal Dip. Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology (2).