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Ms Barbara Tanzi-imbri

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After getting my BA degree at Università degli Studi di Milano with a thesis in literary criticism on Leopardi’s Il Copernico, I continued my postgraduate education with a MA degree in Italian philology. For my dissertation, I focused on the late-18th-century Milanese poet Giuseppe Zanoja. I provided the critical edition and the commentary of Zanoja’s poems, working on both printed editions and autographs. 

Gli Amori di Ludovico Savioli. Edizione critica, commento e studio

My research aims to provide the critical edition and commentary of Ludovico Savioli’s Amori, together with a wider study of Savioli’s poetry and his role as a poet during the second half of the 18th century. I will analyse in depth how Savioli rearranges classics and I will highlight the differences between his work and the ones of other poets, who were equally inspired by classical authors. Secondly, I reconsider Savioli’s position within the Italian and European literary context showing the way in which he influenced contemporaries and later Italian and European poets. Finally, I also aim to shed new light on the so-called ‘poets in-between’ who, like Savioli, had a positive cultural impact and yet still represent quite an under-researched area.

Conference papers

Barbara Tanzi Imbri (2015), La ricezione degli Amori di Ludovico Savioli tra lettere critiche e un pamphlet apologetico, presented at Joint PG Day, held at University of Leeds, Leeds, England 

Barbara Tanzi Imbri (2014), Gli Amori di Ludovico Savioli: status quaestionis e direzioni di ricerca, presented at Joint PG Day, held at University of Manchester, Manchester, England 

Research Interests

  • 18th and early 19th-century poetry
  • Archive Research
  • Classical Poetry
  • Philological studies, authorial philology in particular
  • Study of autographs and manuscripts

Selected Grants

  • 2014: Newby Trust Doctoral Scholarship, Newby Trust, 1st October 2014 to 30th September 2017