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Ms Jaya Klara Brekke

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Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Geography

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Current Research

My research is currently focusing on what matters politically in blockchain technology. By “matters”, I mean literally mattering as in making a material difference (in the sense of Barad). I trace different forms of political mattering across three domains of the technology assemblage, from protocol, with an immanent politics that operates continuously and pre-emptively; to governance and encoding of the protocol, an explicit politics of negotiation and resolution of dissensus; and finally interfaces with other systems and agencies, to account for the contingencies and contexts of what is otherwise too often described as total systems.

I am a PhD candidate in the department. My background is in the fields of design, technology, political economy and art – and I am grateful to have found a theoretical home that gives space lines of thought that cuts across widely disparate fields.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of technology
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptographic geographies
  • Non-human agency
  • (inter)mediation
  • Political economy
  • Power
  • Differentiation as a vector of scale
  • Sensitivity to the present in opposition to speculation on futures
  • Spatial distribution of visibility and invisibility


Chapter in book

  • Brekke, J. K. (Accepted). Disassembling the Truth Machine. In /META. Tracing unknown kno//wns/. de Vega, M. Mazon Gardoqui, V. & Silvestrin, D. ñ (Mexico City & Berlin).
  • Brekke, J. K. (2018). Three Postcards from the World of Decentralised Money. In MoneyLab Reader#2: Overcoming the hype. Gloerich, I., Lovink, G. & de Vries, P. Institute of Network Cultures.
  • Brekke, J. K. & Haase, E. (2017). Busting blocks and breaking chains. In Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain. Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Jones, N. & Skinner, S. Liverpool University Press.

Edited book

Other (Digital/Visual Media)


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