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Ms Giulia Crespi

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I received my BA and MA in Lettere Moderne at Università degli Studi di Milano. During my MA studies I developed a growing interest in textual scholarship, focusing on the specific branch of the so-called Filologia d’autore

Tommaso Grossi and the origin of the Romantic novella in Italy. Critical and commented edition of «La Fuggitiva» and «Ildegonda». 

My research project aims to provide an accurate and exhaustive study on Tommaso Grossi’s literary background and identify linguistic and stylistic peculiarities of his poetry, thus contributing to draw a more precise and detailed picture of Italian and European literature in the 19th century.

Grossi (1790-1853) was acclaimed as one of the most successful authors of the Italian Romantic Age and was among the first to introduce in Italy the vogue of sentimental narratives in historical settings. My Thesis highlights his pivotal role in the birth and development of the Romantic novella in verse in Italy, through the philological study and commentary of the two works which gave rise to this genre and made it extremely popular, namely the Italian version of La Fuggitiva (translated by the author himself from his previous version in the Milanese dialect) and Ildegonda.

My research will be conducted from several perspectives and will touch upon different aspects of literary criticism and other disciplines, such as: textual analysis and interpretation, the relationship between Italian language and dialect in the 19th-century Milan as well as the practice of literary self-translation, the transmission and reception of literary works, the theory of literary genres in order to investigate the development of new verse forms in Italian Romantic poetry.

As Grossi’s novelle are a continuation of Italian narrative poetry in verse, as well as the result of the suggestion exercised by coeval European literature, in the commentary I shall consider not only the influence of Italian literary tradition, but also explore the impact of foreign literatures on his poetic production. Once acknowledged, on the one hand, the innovations brought forward by Grossi’s poetry and, on the other hand, the elements clearly inspired and ascribable to other literary models, I will be finally able to trace the history of the Romantic novella in verse. 


  • Crespi Giulia (2017) Tessere ariostesche nell'«Ildegonda» di Tommaso Grossi, SIS Biennial Conference, Hull, UK
  • Crespi, Giulia (2016) Il ruolo delle arti grafiche nella letteratura sentimentale della Milano romantica: l’edizione illustrata dell’«Ildegonda» di Tommaso Grossi, 20th ADI Conference, 'La letteratura italiana e le arti', Naples, Italy  
  • Crespi, Giulia (2015), La rappresentazione della guerra nella novella romantica in versi: la campagna napoleonica del 1812 nella «Fuggitiva» di Tommaso Grossi, SIS Postgraduate Conference, 'Representing the War: How wars, conflicts and violence shaped Italian Culture', Italian Cultural Institute, London, UK


  • Crespi Giulia (2017), Per l'edizione critica e commentata dell'«Ildegonda» di Tommaso Grossi, Durham Italian Seminar (DIS), Durham, UK
  • Crespi, Giulia (2014), 'Tommaso Grossi e la novella romantica in versi', Joint Postgraduate Day (Durham, Leeds, Manchester), Manchester, UK


Research Interests

  • 19th-century literature
  • Filologia d’autore
  • Italian and European Romantic poetry
  • Literary criticism
  • Textual bibliography
  • Textual editing
  • Textual scholarship

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Crespi, Giulia & Evangelista, Stefano (2016). Italian Studies: Ottocento. The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies 76: 293-305.

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Selected Grants

  • 2017: IAS Research Postgraduate Fund
  • 2014: Newby Trust Doctoral Scholarship, 1st October 2014 – 30th September 2017