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Miss Jin Ren, Research PG / Part-time Teacher / Chinese Year Assistant

PhD research / Part-time teacher in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 44348
Room number: ER277, Elvet Riverside II

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'Contemporary Discursive Construction of Chinese Nation: National Identity, Sovereignty, and Political Legitimacy --Taking Taiwan Issue as a Case Study'

My research focuses on the constructive function of discourse in politics, regarding the build of national identity, sovereignty and political legitimacy. Taiwan Issue was taken into considered as a point to entry of my study. By undertaking a close examination of official claims across the strait, lots of political narrative around Chinese nationalism has been announced by both sides in order to insist their opposite political purposes. Moreover, the dynamics of the relationship between discourse practice, social order and reality are also embodied by a set of complicated factors that can affect the discursive construction. This thesis will not only study the discursive construction of the Chinese nation and claims of sovereignty and legitimacy produced by the mainland’s leaders, but also the construction of similar terms, alternatively framed, from the point of view of Taiwan. In the context of this island, the same terms (nationalism, the Chinese nation, China state, etc.) have been repeatedly rebuilt by different political discourses. Therefore, an alternative way in which the political legitimacy and sovereignty of the island may be understood has been constructed accordingly. This research could be regarded as a combination of linguistics and politics, and will adopt a broad perspective, including linguistics, politics, and cultural studies. 


Research Interests

  • Chinese nationalism
  • Discourse and narrative
  • Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

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