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Dr Callum Walker, BA(Hons) PhD MCIL CL MITI

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Callum has been a professional freelance translator of French and Russian into English since 2009, specialising in legal, business and financial translations. He is a Chartered Linguist (Translation, Education) and Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL), and a Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Callum completed his PhD in Translation Studies at University College London, UK, in 2018 using a mixed-methods design incorporating eye tracking to investigate the effects of language varieties on source text and target text readers. Alongside his research, he currently teaches Specialised Translation (Russian>English) and the ‘Intercultural Project Management’ component of the Ethics and Intercultural Project Management module on the MA in Translation Studies. He has also taught computer-aided translation (CAT) and translation technology in the past, and is involved in the marking and assessment of translation theory and research skills assignments.


Callum’s research looks to move the cognitive paradigm in translation studies away from process research and towards text reception, an area that has received virtually no attention in translation studies. Using Raymond Queneau’s Zazie dans le métro (1959) and Barbara Wright’s 1960 English translation as a case study, it proposes a comprehensive mixed-methods approach using stylistics and eye tracking to gauge and compare native readers’ experiences of a source text, its translation and alternative versions of the translation. Drawing on translation theory, cognitive psychology, and language and literary studies, his work forges a connection between literary understandings of stylistic foregrounding, critical assumptions regarding the cognitive effects of style, and the wealth of natural reading research conducted on the reading process as a theoretical framework for investigations of equivalent effect in translation.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive translatology
  • Literary theory, criticism and translation
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Stylistics and stylistic approaches to translation
  • Translation studies [French, Russian, English)

Indicators of Esteem

  • 2014: Co-convenor: Taboo Conference II, Durham University:
  • 2014: Convenor: 2nd Durham Postgraduate Colloquium: Theoretical Frameworks and Methodologies: Research in Translation Studies, Durham University:

Selected Publications

Book review

Chapter in book

Conference Paper

  • Walker, Callum (2018), Eye-tracking the Reader Experience in Translation, iMotions Eye-tracking Workshop. University College London.
  • Walker, Callum (2016), (Why) Dialect Matters in Literature: A Look at the Cognitive Perception of Language Variation through the Lens of Translation, International Conference on Dialect and Literature. University of Sheffield.
  • Walker, Callum (2016), Analysing Culture-bound Stylistic Language Varieties: An Eye-tracking Experiment, Culture Translation: In Theory and As Practice. University of Nottingham.
  • Walker, Callum (2013), Dialect in Translation, International Conference on Dialect and Literature. Sheffield, UK, Sheffield.
  • Walker, Callum (2013), Divided loyalties: the translation of dialect in literature, Postgraduate Conference in Translation Studies. Nottingham, England, Nottingham.

Edited book

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Walker, Callum (2012). Quotations and articles for Document (2012), BBC Radio 4, first broadcast on 5 March 2012. Producer: Laurence Grissell.

Translated Book

  • Walker, Callum (trans.) (2014). Bazan, Lubov, A History of Belarus . London: Glagoslav Publications
  • Walker, Callum (trans.) (2013). Henry, Guillaume, Green Tech and IP Rights (Technologies vertes et propriété intellectuelle). Paris, France: LexisNexis

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