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Mannel, T., Pecjak, B.D. & Pivovarov, A.A. (2011). Sum rule estimate of the subleading non-perturbative contributions to B s –B¯sB¯s mixing. The European Physical Journal C 71(4): 1607.

Author(s) from Durham


We use QCD sum rules to compute the matrix elements of the ΔB=2 operators appearing in the heavy-quark expansion of the width difference of the B s mass eigenstates. The main focus of our analysis is on the subleading operators R 2 and R 3, which appear at next-to-leading order in the 1/m b expansion. The matrix elements of these operators are already essential for precise phenomenology, but their calculation in lattice QCD is lacking and the values given here provide a first estimate of their values. We conclude that the violation of the factorization approximation for these matrix elements due to non-perturbative vacuum condensates is as low as 1–2%.