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Cover image of Carrithers (ed) 2009Carrithers, M. (2009). Culture, Rhetoric and the Vicissitudes of Life. Volume 2, Studies in Rhetoric and Culture. Oxford: Berghahn Books.

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Inspired by the Rhetoric Culture Project, this volume focuses on the use of imagery, narrative, and cultural schemes to deal with predicatments that arise during the course of life. The contributors explore how people muster their resources to understand and deal with emergencies such as illness, displacement, or genocide. In dealing with such circumstances, people can develop new rhetorical forms and, in the process, establish new cultural resources for succeeding generations. Several of the contributions show how rhetorical cultural forms can themselves create emergencies. The contributors bring expertise from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology and communications studies, underlining the volume’s wider relevance as a reflection on the human condition.



Chapter 1. Inventions of hyperbolic culture Ralph Cintron
Chapter 2. Medical rhetoric in the US and Africa: the oncologist as Charon Megan Biesele
Chapter 3. The diffuse in testimonies Stevan Weine
Chapter 4. Internal rhetorics: Constituting selves in diaries and beyond Jein Nienkamp
Chapter 5. Ordeals of language Ellen Basso
Chapter 6. ‘As if Goya was on hand as a marksman’: Foot and mouth disease as a rhetorical and cultural phenomenon Brigitte Nerlich
Chapter 7. Story seeds and the Inchoate Michael Carrithers
Chapter 8. The palaestral aspect of rhetoric F.G. Bailey
Chapter 9. Rhetoric in the moral order: a critique of tropological approaches to culture James Fernandez
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