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Ahmad, Tanvir, Basit, Abdul, Ahsan, Muneeb, Coupiac, Olivier, Girard, Nicolas, Kazemtabrizi, Behzad & Matthews, Peter (2019). Implementation and Analyses of Yaw Based Coordinated Control of Wind Farms. Energies 12(7): 1266.

Author(s) from Durham


This paper presents, with a live field experiment, the potential of increasing wind farm power generation by optimally yawing upstream wind turbine for reducing wake effects as a part of the SmartEOLE project. Two 2MW turbines from the Le Sole de Moulin Vieux (SMV) wind farm are used for this purpose. The upstream turbine (SMV6) is operated with a yaw offset (α) in a range of −12◦ to 8◦ for analysing the impact on the downstream turbine (SMV5). Simulations are performed with intelligent control strategies for estimating optimum α settings. Simulations show that optimal α can increase net production of the two turbines by more than 5%. The impact of α on SMV6 is quantified using the data obtained during the experiment. A comparison of the data obtained during theexperimentiscarriedoutwithdataobtainedduringnormaloperationsinsimilarwindconditions. This comparison show that an optimum or near-optimum α increases net production by more than 5% in wake affected wind conditions, which is in confirmation with the simulated results.