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Gauld, R., Pecjak, B.D. & Scott, D.J. (2016). QCD radiative corrections for h→bb¯ in the standard model dimension-6 effective field theory. Physical Review D 94(7): 074045.

Author(s) from Durham


We calculate the O(αs) QCD corrections to the inclusive h→bb¯ decay rate in the dimension-6 standard model effective field theory (SMEFT). The QCD corrections multiplying the dimension-6 Wilson coefficients which alter the hbb¯-vertex at tree-level are proportional to the standard model (SM) ones, so next-to-leading order results can be obtained through a simple rescaling of the tree-level decay rate. On the other hand, contributions from the operators QbG and QHG, which alter the gbb¯-vertex and introduce a hgg-vertex respectively, enter at O(αs) and induce sizeable corrections which are unrelated to the SM ones and cannot be anticipated through a renormalization-group analysis. We present compact analytic results for these contributions, which we recommend to be included in future phenomenological studies.