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Neubert, Matthias & Pecjak, Ben D. (2002). Higher order corrections to QCD factorization in B --> pi K, pi pi decays. Journal of high energy physics 2002(02): 028.

Author(s) from Durham


The renormalon calculus is used to calculate the terms of order β0n−1αsn in the perturbative expansions of the Wilson coefficients and hard-scattering kernels entering the QCD factorization formula for hadronic B-meson decays into two light pseudoscalar mesons. The asymptotic behavior of the expansions is analyzed, and a minimal model of power corrections arising from soft ``non-factorizable'' gluon exchange to the B→πK,ππ decay amplitudes is obtained, which takes into account the structure of the leading and subleading infrared renormalon singularities. Whereas the resulting power corrections are generally very small, some of the strong-interaction phases of the hard-scattering kernels receive sizeable two-loop corrections. The implications of these findings on CP asymmetries and branching ratios are investigated.