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Publication details for Dr Aidan Hindmarch

Ganguly, Arnab, Azzawi, Sinan, Saha, Susmita, King, J. A., Rowan-Robinson, R. M., Hindmarch, A. T., Sinha, Jaivardhan, Atkinson, Del & Barman, Anjan (2015). Tunable Magnetization Dynamics in Interfacially Modified Ni81Fe19/Pt Bilayer Thin Film Microstructures. Scientific Reports 5: 17596.

Author(s) from Durham


Interface modification for control of ultrafast magnetic properties using low-dose focused ion beam irradiation is demonstrated for bilayers of two technologically important materials: Ni81Fe19 and Pt. Magnetization dynamics were studied using an all-optical time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr microscopy method. Magnetization relaxation, precession, damping and the spatial coherence of magnetization dynamics were studied. Magnetization precession was fitted with a single-mode damped sinusoid to extract the Gilbert damping parameter. A systematic study of the damping parameter and frequency as a function of irradiation dose varying from 0 to 3.3 pC/μm2 shows a complex dependence upon ion beam dose. This is interpreted in terms of both intrinsic effects and extrinsic two-magnon scattering effects resulting from the expansion of the interfacial region and the creation of a compositionally graded alloy. The results suggest a new direction for the control of precessional magnetization dynamics, and open the opportunity to optimize high-speed magnetic devices.