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Publication details for Professor Nick Ellis

Schepis, D., Ellis, N. & Purchase, S. (2017). Exploring strategies and dynamic capabilities for net formation and management. Industrial Marketing Management

Author(s) from Durham


Nets represent forms of inter-organizational collaboration in networks in which actors can pursue complex objectives beyond their individual resources or abilities. Firms seeking to effectively form and manage nets face challenges in understanding how to strategically influence others and recognizing facilitative dynamic capabilities. To address these challenges, this research examines the way strategies are implemented at different net levels, distinguishing between supply chain and industry nets. This is explored through an empirical case study focusing on the integration of Indigenous contracting into the Western Australian mining industry. A theoretical framework is developed outlining the relevant capabilities utilized by actors across net formation and management stages. This offers an explicit understanding of how actors shift from direct to more subtle forms of influence and effectively ‘co-orchestrate’ nets with competitors.