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Hammer, A., Hodgson, D.R.W. & Cann, M.J. (2006). Regulation of prokaryotic adenylyl cyclases by CO₂. Biochemical Journal 396(2): 215-218.

Author(s) from Durham


The Slr1991 adenylyl cyclase of the model prokaroyte Synechocystis
PCC 6803 was stimulated 2-fold at 20 mM total Ci (inorganic
carbon) atpH 7.5 through an increase in kcat.Adose response
demonstrated an EC50 of 52.7 mMtotal Ci at pH 6.5. Slr1991 adenylyl
cyclase was activated by CO2, but not by HCO3−. CO2 regulation
of adenylyl cyclase was conserved in the CyaB1 adenylyl
cyclase of Anabaena PCC 7120. These adenylyl cyclases represent
the only identified signalling enzymes directly activated by
CO2. The findings prompt an urgent reassessment of the activating
carbon species for proposed HCO3−-activated adenylyl cyclases.
Key words: adenylyl cyclase (adenyl cyclase, adenylate
cyclase), bicarbonate (HCO3−), cAMP, carbon dioxide (CO2),