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Publication details for Professor Martin Cann

Bretonnière, Y., Cann, M.J., Parker, D. & Slater, R. (2002). Ratiometric probes for hydrogencarbonate analysis in intracellular or extracellular environments using europium luminescence. Chemical Communications 2002(17): 1930-1931.

Author(s) from Durham


A series of six, cationic, zwitterionic and anionic Eu complexes has been examined for the analysis of hydrogencarbonate concentration in the intracellular and extracellular ranges; an anionic complex incorporating three glutarate residues and a sensitising acridone chromophore (lambda exc = 410 nm) exhibits a 69% change in the intensity ratio of the 618/588 nm Eu emission bands between 5 and 15 mM HCO3- in a cell lysate medium.