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Bern, B., Dixon, L. J., Febres Cordero, F., Hoeche, S., Ita, H. & Maitre, D. (2015). Extrapolating W-associated jet-production ratios at the LHC. Physical Review D 92(1): 014008.

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Electroweak vector-boson production, accompanied by multiple jets, is an important background to searches for physics beyond the standard model. A precise and quantitative understanding of this process is helpful in constraining deviations from known physics. We study four key ratios in W+n-jet production at the LHC. We compute the ratio of cross sections for W+n- to W+(n−1)-jet production as a function of the minimum jet transverse momentum. We also study the ratio differentially, as a function of the W-boson transverse momentum; as a function of the scalar sum of the jet transverse energy, HjetsT; and as a function of certain jet transverse momenta. We show how to use such ratios to extrapolate differential cross sections to W+6-jet production at next-to-leading order, and we cross-check the method against a direct calculation at leading order. We predict the differential distribution in HjetsT for W+6 jets at next-to-leading order using such an extrapolation. We use the BlackHat software library together with SHERPA to perform the computations.