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Publication details for Prof Ray Sharples

Hammer, D, Kleijn, GV, Hoyos, C, den Brok, M, Balcells, M, Ferguson, HC, Goudfrooij, P, Carter, D, Guzman, R, Peletier, RF, Smith, RJ, Graham, AW, Trentham, N, Peng, E, Puzia, TH, Lucey, JR, Jogee, S, Aguerri, AL, Batcheldor, D, Bridges, TJ, Chiboucas, K, Davies, JI, del Burgo, C, Erwin, P, Hornschemeier, A, Hudson, MJ, Huxor, A, Jenkins, L, Karick, A, Khosroshahi, H, Kourkchi, E, Komiyama, Y, Lotz, J, Marzke, RO, Marinova, I, Matkovic, A, Merritt, D, Miller, BW, Miller, NA, Mobasher, B, Mouhcine, M, Okamura, S, Percival, S, Phillipps, S, Poggianti, BM, Price, J, Sharples, RM, Tully, RB & Valentijn, E (2010). THE HST/ACS COMA CLUSTER SURVEY. II. DATA DESCRIPTION AND SOURCE CATALOGS. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 191(1): 143-159.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0067-0049, 1538-4365
  • DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/191/1/143
  • Keywords: catalogs; galaxies: clusters: individual (Coma); galaxies: dwarf; galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD; galaxies: photometryHUBBLE-SPACE-TELESCOPE; COLOR-MAGNITUDE RELATION; EARLY-TYPE GALAXIES; SURFACE BRIGHTNESS GALAXIES; DIGITAL SKY SURVEY; DWARF GA

Author(s) from Durham