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Lewis, J. R., Walton, N. A., Meikle, W. P. S., Cumming, R. J., Catchpole, R. M., Arevalo, M., Argyle, R. W., Benn, C. R., Bunclark, P. S., Castaneda, H. O., Centurion, M., Clegg, R. E. S., Delgado, A., Dhillon, V. S., Goudfrooij, P., Harlaftis, E. H., Hassall, B. J. M., Helmer, L., Hill, P. W., Jones, D. H. P., King, D. L., Lazaro, C., Lucey, J. R., Martin, E. L., Miller, L., Morrison, L. V., Penny, A. J., Perez, E., Read, M., Rudd, P. J., Rutten, R. G. M., Sharples, R. M., Unger, S. W. and & Vilchez, J. (1994). Optical Observations of Supernova 1993J from La-Palma - Part One - Days 2 TO 125. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 266: L27-.

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