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Kim, H.-S., Cho, J., Sharples, R.M., Vazdekis, A., Beasley, M.A. & Yoon, S.-J. (2016). A new catalog of homogenised absorption line indices for Milky Way globular clusters from high-resolution integrated spectroscopy. Astrophysical Journal Supplement 227(2): 24.

Author(s) from Durham


We perform integrated spectroscopy of 24 Galactic globular clusters (GGCs). Spectra are observed from one core radius for each cluster with a high wavelength resolution of ~2.0 Å FWHM. In combination with two existing data sets from Puzia et al. and Schiavon et al., we construct a large database of Lick spectral indices for a total of 53 GGCs with a wide range of metallicities, −2.4 lesssim [Fe/H] lesssim 0.1, and various horizontal-branch morphologies. The empirical index-to-metallicity conversion relationships are provided for the 20 Lick indices for the use of deriving metallicities for remote, unresolved stellar systems.