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Publication details for Professor Andy Monkman

Adams, PN, Laughlin, PJ & Monkman, AP (1996). Synthesis of high molecular weight polyaniline at low temperatures. Synthetic Metals 76(1-3): 157-160.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0379-6779
  • Keywords: synthesis; polyanilineCHEMICAL POLYMERIZATION

Author(s) from Durham


The oxidative chemical polymerization of aniline in hydrochloric acid
solution has been extensively studied at low temperatures. The
resulting polyaniline has a molecular weight up to ten times higher
than that prepared at room temperature. Polyaniline of high molecular
weight may be obtained by carrying out the polymerization at low
temperatures, typically between -25 and -30 degrees C. This requires
the use of an inert solute (lithium chloride is the preferred choice)
to keep the aqueous reaction medium mobile. Among the reaction
parameters studied which affected the molecular weight of the polymer
were: (a) reaction temperature; (b) solution pH at the start of the
reaction; (c) molar ratio of oxidant:aniline; (d) oxidant addition
time; (e) total reaction time.