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V. Jankus, E.W. Snedden, D.W. Bright, E. Arac, D.C. Dai & A.P. Monkman (2013). Competition between polaron pair formation and singlet fission observed in amorphous rubrene films. Physical Review B 87(22).

Author(s) from Durham


In this paper, we investigate excited state dynamics in amorphous rubrene vacuum sublimed films. We report the direct observation of singlet fission in amorphous rubrene films. We have determined the fission rate to be >2.5 x 10(12) s(-1). Simultaneously, we observe strong polaron pair absorption and propose that polaron pair formation could be competing with singlet fission. Another possible conclusion from our experiments could be that two triplets from singlet fission might arise via polaron pairs. In either case, polaron pairs play an important role in singlet fission in an amorphous rubrene film. We also observe that triplets created by singlet fission fuse to regenerate a singlet, giving delayed fluorescence (DF) scaling linearly with initial laser energy (i.e., one singlet gives two triplets and two triplets give back one singlet). This is a strong evidence of S-1(n) -> 2T(1). We did not observe substantial temperature dependence of DF decay curve shape, indicating that triplet migration in amorphous rubrene films is not hopping limited and that triplets undergo fusion before their migration.