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Marolf, D., Maxfield, H., Peach, A. & Ross, S. F. (2015). Hot multiboundary wormholes from bipartite entanglement. Classical and Quantum Gravity 32(21): 215006.

Author(s) from Durham


We analyze the 1+1 CFT states dual to hot (time-symmetric) 2+1 multiboundary AdS wormholes. These are black hole geometries with high local temperature, $n\geqslant 1$ asymptotically-AdS3 regions, and arbitrary internal topology. The dual state at t = 0 is defined on n circles. We show these to be well-described by sewing together tensor networks corresponding to thermofield double states. As a result, the entanglement is spatially localized and bipartite: away from particular boundary points ('vertices') any small connected region A of the boundary CFT is entangled only with another small connected region B, where B may lie on a different circle or may be a different part of the same circle. We focus on the pair-of-pants case, from which more general cases may be constructed. We also discuss finite-temperature corrections, where we note that the states involve a code subspace in each circle.