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Publication details for Simon Ross

Andrade, T., Ross, Simon F. & Lei, Y. (2014). Scattering amplitudes in Lifshitz spacetime. Classical and Quantum Gravity 31(21): 215002.

Author(s) from Durham


We consider the calculation of scattering amplitudes in field theories dual to
Lifshitz spacetimes. These amplitudes provide an interesting probe of the IR
structure of the field theory; our aim is to use them to explore the observable
consequences of the singularity in the spacetime. We assume the amplitudes can
be related by T-duality to a Wilson loop, as in the AdS case, and determine the
bulk minimal surfaces for the simplest cusp Wilson loop. We use this to determine
the leading IR singularity in the amplitude. We find there is a stronger IR
singularity for z > 1 than for z = 1, with a coefficient that vanishes as z → 1.