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Andrade, Tomas, Fischetti, Sebastian, Marolf, Don, Ross, Simon F & Rozali, Moshe (2014). Entanglement and correlations near extremality: CFTs dual to Reissner-Nordström AdS5. Journal of High Energy Physics 2014(4): 23.

Author(s) from Durham


We use the AdS/CFT correspondence to study models of entanglement and correlations between two d = 4 CFTs in thermofield double states at finite chemical potential. Our bulk spacetimes are planar Reissner-Nordström AdS black holes. We compute both thermo-mutual information and the two-point correlators of large-dimension scalar operators, focussing on the small-temperature behavior — an infrared limit with behavior similar to that seen at large times. The interesting feature of this model is of course that the entropy density remains finite as T → 0 while the bulk geometry develops an infinite throat. This leads to a logarithmic divergence in the scale required for non-zero mutual information between equal-sized strips in the two CFTs, though the mutual information between one entire CFT and a finite-sized strip in the other can remain non-zero even at T =0. Furthermore,despitetheinfinitethroat,therecanbeextremallychargedoperators for which the two-point correlations remain finite as T → 0. This suggests an interestingly mixed picture in which some aspects of the entanglement remain localized on scales set by the chemical potential, while others shift to larger and larger scales. We also comment on implications for the localized-quasiparticle picture of entanglement.