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Lei, Yang & Ross, Simon F. (2014). Extending the non-singular hyperscaling violating spacetimes. Classical and Quantum Gravity 31(3): 035007.

Author(s) from Durham


Lifshitz and hyperscaling violating geometries, which provide a holographic
description of non-relativistic field theories, generically have a singularity in the infrared region of the geometry, where tidal forces for freely falling observers diverge, but there is a special class of hyperscaling violating geometries where
this tidal force divergence does not occur. We explicitly construct a smooth
extension of the spacetime in this case, and explore the structure of the
spacetime. We argue that the extension involves an enlargement of the field
theory Hilbert space, as in AdS2. We also consider the behaviour of finiteenergy excitations of the spacetime at the horizon, arguing that they will have some divergence there.