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Figueras, Pau, Hubeny, Veronika E., Rangamani, Mukund & Ross, Simon F. (2009). Dynamical black holes and expanding plasmas. Journal of High Energy Physics 2009(04): 137.

Author(s) from Durham


We analyse the global structure of time-dependent geometries dual to expanding plasmas, considering two examples: the boost invariant Bjorken flow, and the conformal soliton flow. While the geometry dual to the Bjorken flow is constructed in a perturbation expansion at late proper time, the conformal soliton flow has an exact dual (which corresponds to a Poincaré patch of Schwarzschild-AdS). In particular, we discuss the position and area of event and apparent horizons in the two geometries. The conformal soliton geometry offers a sharp distinction between event and apparent horizon; whereas the area of the event horizon diverges, that of the apparent horizon stays finite and constant. This suggests that the entropy of the corresponding CFT state is related to the apparent horizon rather than the event horizon.