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Hubeny, Veronika E. , Rangamani, Mukund & Ross, Simon F. (2005). Causal structures and holography. Journal of High Energy Physics 2005(07): 037.

Author(s) from Durham


We explore the description of bulk causal structure in a dual field theory. We observe that in the spacetime dual to a spacelike non-commutative field theory, the causal structure in the boundary directions is modified asymptotically. We propose that this modification is described in the dual theory by a modification of the micro-causal light cone. Previous studies of this micro-causal light cone for spacelike non-commutativite field theories agree with the expectations from the bulk spacetime. We describe the spacetime dual to field theories with lightlike non-commutativity, and show that they generically have a drastic modification of the light cone in the bulk: the spacetime is non-distinguishing. This means that the spacetime while being devoid of closed timelike or null curves, has causal curves that are ``almost closed''. We go on to show that the micro-causal light cone in the field theory agrees with this prediction from the bulk.