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Publication details for Matthias Troffaes

Troffaes, Matthias C. M. (2006), Conditional Lower Previsions for Unbounded Random Quantities, in Lawry, Jonathan, Miranda, Enrique, Bugarin, Alberto, Li, Shoumei, Ángeles Gil, Mariá, Grzegorzewski, Przemyslaw & Hryniewicz, Olgierd eds, Advances in Soft Computing: Soft Methods in Probability for Integrated Uncertainty Modelling Third International Workshop on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics. Bristol, UK, Springer, Bristol, 201-209.
  • Publication type: Conference Paper

Author(s) from Durham


In this paper, a theory of conditional coherent lower previsions for arbitrary random quantities, including unbounded ones, is introduced, based on Williams's notion of coherence, and extending at the same time unconditional theories studied for unbounded random quantities known from the literature. We generalize a well-known envelope theorem to the domain of all contingent random quantities. Finally, using this duality result, we prove equivalence between maximal and Bayes actions in decision making for convex option sets.