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Maucher, Fabian & Sutcliffe, Paul (2020). Colonies of threaded rings in excitable media. Physical Review E 102(1): 010601(R).

Author(s) from Durham


A thring is a recent addition to the zoo of spiral wave phenomena found in excitable media and consists of a scroll ring that is threaded by a pair of counter-rotating scroll waves. This arrangement behaves as a particle that swims through the medium. Here, we present results on the dynamics, interaction, and collective behavior of several thrings via numerical simulation of the reaction-diffusion equations that model thrings created in chemical experiments. We reveal an attraction between two thrings that leads to a stable bound pair that thwarts their individual locomotion. Furthermore, such a pair emits waves at a higher frequency than a single thring, which protects the pair from the advances of any other thring and rules out the formation of a triplet bound state. As a result, the long-term evolution of a colony of thrings ultimately yields an unusual frozen nonequilibrium state consisting of a collection of pairs accompanied by isolated thrings that are inhibited from further motion by the waves emanating from the pairs.