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Al-Ghosoun, A., Osman, A. S. & Seaid, M. (2021). A Computational Model for Simulation of Shallow Water Waves by Elastic Deformations in the Topography. Communications in Computational Physics

Author(s) from Durham


We propose a coupled model to simulate shallow water waves induced by
elastic deformations in the bed topography. The governing equations consist of the
depth-averaged shallow water equations including friction terms for the water freesurface and the well-known second-order elastostatics formulation for the bed deformation. The perturbation on the free-surface is assumed to be caused by a sudden
change in the bottom beds. At the interface between the water flow and the bed topography, transfer conditions are implemented. Here, the hydrostatic pressure and
friction forces are considered for the elastostatic equations whereas bathymetric forces
are accounted for in the shallow water equations. The focus in the present study is on
the development of a simple and accurate representation of the interaction between
water waves and bed deformations in order to simulate practical shallow water flows
without relying on complex partial differential equations with free boundary conditions. The effects of location and magnitude of the deformation on the flow fields and
free-surface waves are investigated in details. Numerical simulations are carried out
for several test examples on shallow water waves induced by sudden changes in the
bed. The proposed computational model has been found to be feasible and satisfactory.