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Publication details for Prof. Jan R.R. Verlet

Anstöter, Cate S., Mensa-Bonsu, Golda, Nag, Pamir, Ranković, Miloš, Kumar T. P., Ragesh, Boichenko, Anton N., Bochenkova, Anastasia V., Fedor, Juraj & Verlet, Jan R. R. (2020). Mode-Specific Vibrational Autodetachment Following Excitation of Electronic Resonances by Electrons and Photons. Physical Review Letters 124(20): 203401.

Author(s) from Durham


Electronic resonances commonly decay via internal conversion to vibrationally hot anions and
subsequent statistical electron emission. We observed vibrational structure in such an emission from
the nitrobenzene anion, in both the 2D electron energy loss and 2D photoelectron spectroscopy of the
neutral and anion, respectively. The emission peaks could be correlated with calculated nonadiabatic
coupling elements for vibrational modes to the electronic continuum from a nonvalence dipole-bound state.
This autodetachment mechanism via a dipole-bound state is likely to be a common feature in both electron
and photoelectron spectroscopies.