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Barret-Jolley, R., Pyner, S. & Coote, J.H. (2000). Measurement of voltage-gated potassium currents in identified spinally projecting sympathetic neurons of the paraventricular nucleus. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 102(1): 25-33.

Author(s) from Durham


The paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus modulates cardiovascular function via a sub-population of neurones
which project directly to sympathetic centres of the spinal cord. Identification and patch-clamp recording from these neurones is
difficult, however, because of the complex organisation and neuronal heterogeneity of the PVN. We report here on methods for
the in vitro recording of voltage-gated potassium channel (KV) currents from those neurones within the PVN which project to the
intermediolateral column of the rat spinal cord, and are believed to directly modulate cardiovascular function. We show KV
channel currents of spinally projecting neurones to be slowly inactivating (t100 ms) and weakly sensitive to TEA (Kd\10 mM).
These methods will be useful for the study of KV and other ion channel modulation in spinally projecting neurones of the PVN.