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Publication details for Dr David Sims-Williams

Allen, NJ, Wood, D, Rosamond, MC & Sims-Williams DB (2009). Fabrication of an in-plane SU-8 cantilever with integrated strain gauge for wall shear stress measurements in fluid flows. Eurosensors XXIII, Elsevier.
  • Publication type: Conference Proceeding
  • Keywords: strain gauge; SU-8; shear stress; cantilever

Author(s) from Durham


We present a cantilever fabricated from the polymer SU-8 for the measurement of wall shear stress in fluid flows. The pressureinduced
deflection of the cantilever, measured using an calibrated and integrated nichrome strain gauge, can be related to the wall
shear stress on the surface. The initial degree of curvature of the cantilever can be controlled via the exposure dose, which allows
a small positive deflection to be achieved, and so minimises the intrusion into the flow. Wind tunnel testing results show a
sensitivity greater than 2.5 mV/Pa, with a shear stress of 0.38 Pa and excitation of 1V.