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Publication details for Dr Eckart Wrede

Sanders, Scott E., Willis, Oliver R., Nahler, N. Hendrik & Wrede, Eckart (2018). Absolute fluorescence and absorption measurements over a dynamic range of 106 with cavity-enhanced laser-induced fluorescence. The Journal of Chemical Physics 149(1): 014201, 1-11.

Author(s) from Durham


We present a novel spectroscopic technique that exhibits high sensitivity and a large dynamic range for the measurement of absolute absorption coefficients. We perform a simultaneous and correlated laser-induced fluorescence and cavity ring-down measurement of the same sample in a single pulsed laser beam. The combined measurement offers a large dynamic range and a lower limit of detection than either technique on its own. The methodology, dubbed cavity-enhanced laser-induced fluorescence, is developed and rigorously tested against the electronic spectroscopy of 1,4-bis(phenylethynyl)benzene in a molecular beam and density measurements in a cell. We outline how the method can be used to determine absolute quantities, such as sample densities, absorption cross sections, and fluorescence quantum yields, particularly in spatially confined samples.