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Publication details for Prof. Patrick G. Steel

Bose, Shubhankar K., Deißenberger, Andrea, Eichhorn, Antonius, Steel, Patrick G., Lin, Zhenyang & Marder, Todd B. (2015). Zinc-Catalyzed Dual C–X and C–H Borylation of Aryl Halides. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54(40): 11843-11847.

Author(s) from Durham


A zinc-catalyzed combined C[BOND]X and C[BOND]H borylation of aryl halides using B2pin2 (pin=OCMe2CMe2O) to produce the corresponding 1,2-diborylarenes under mild conditions was developed. Catalytic C[BOND]H bond activation occurs ortho to the halide groups if such a site is available or meta to the halide if the ortho position is already substituted. This method thus represents a novel use of a group XII catalyst for C[BOND]H borylation. This transformation does not proceed via a free aryne intermediate, but a radical process seems to be involved.