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Chen, Chi, Ao, Lijiao, Wu, Yu-Tang, Cifliku, Vjona, Cardoso Dos Santos, Marcelina, Bourrier, Emmanuel, Delbianco, Martina, Parker, David, Zwier, Jurriaan, Huang, Liang & Hildebrandt, Niko (2018). Single-Nanoparticle Cell Barcoding by Tunable FRET from Lanthanides to Quantum Dots. Angewandte Chemie 130(41): 13876-13881.

Author(s) from Durham


Fluorescence barcoding based on nanoparticles provides many advantages for multiparameter imaging. However, creating different concentration‐independent codes without mixing various nanoparticles and by using single wavelength excitation and emission for multiplexed cellular imaging is extremely challenging. Here, we report the development of quantum dots (QDs) with two different SiO2 shell thicknesses (6 and 12 nm) and coated with two different lanthanide complexes (Tb and Eu). FRET from Tb or Eu donors to the QD acceptors resulted in four distinct photoluminescence (PL) decays, which were encoded by simple time‐gated (TG) PL intensity detection in three individual temporal detection windows. The well‐defined single‐nanoparticle codes were used for live cell imaging and a one‐measurement distinction of four different cells in a single field of view. This single‐color barcoding strategy opens new opportunities for multiplexed labeling and tracking of cells.