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Publication details for Dr Vincent Croset

Smith, C.D., Zimin, A., Holt, C., Abouheif, E., Benton, R., Cash, E., Croset, V., Currie, C.R., Elhaik, E., Elsik, C.G., Fave, M.-J., Fernandes, V., Gadau, J., Gibson, J.D., Graur, D., Grubbs, K.J., Hagen, D.E., Helmkampf, M., Holley, J.-A., Hu, H., Viniegra, A.S.I., Johnson, B.R., Johnson, R.M., Khila, A., Kim, J.W., Laird, J., Mathis, K.A., Moeller, J.A., Muñoz-Torres, M.C., Murphy, M.C., Nakamura, R., Nigam, S., Overson, R.P., Placek, J.E., Rajakumar, R., Reese, J.T., Robertson, H.M., Smith, C.R., Suarez, A.V., Suen, G., Suhr, E.L., Tao, S., Torres, C.W., Van Wilgenburg, E., Viljakainen, L., Walden, K.K.O., Wild, A.L., Yandell, M., Yorke, J.A. & Tsutsui, N.D. (2011). Draft genome of the globally widespread and invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(14): 5673-5678.

Author(s) from Durham