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Publication details for Dr Clare Mahon

Mahon, Clare S., Wildsmith, Gemma C., Haksar, Diksha, de Poel, Eyleen, Beekman, Jeffrey M., Pieters, Roland J., Webb, Michael E. & Turnbull, W. Bruce (2019). A ‘catch-and-release’ receptor for the cholera toxin. Faraday Discussions 219: 112-127.

Author(s) from Durham


Stimuli-responsive receptors for the recognition unit of the cholera toxin (CTB) have been prepared by attaching multiple copies of its natural carbohydrate ligand, the GM1 oligosaccharide, to a thermoresponsive polymer scaffold. Below their lower critical solution temperature (LCST), polymers complex CTB with nanomolar affinity. When heated above their LCST, polymers undergo a reversible coil to globule transition which renders a proportion of the carbohydrate recognition motifs inaccessible to CTB. This thermally-modulated decrease in the avidity of the material for the protein has been used to reversibly capture CTB from solution, enabling its convenient isolation from a complex mixture.