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Publication details for Dr Alastair Basden

Basden, A. G., Atkinson, D., Bharmal, N. A., Bitenc, U., Brangier, M., Buey, T., Butterley, T., Cano, D., Chemla, F., Clark, P., Cohen, M., Conan, J.-M., de Cos, F. J., Dickson, C., Dipper, N. A., Dunlop, C. N., Feautrier, P., Fusco, T., Gach, J. L., Gendron, E., Geng, D., Goodsell, S. J., Gratadour, D., Greenaway, A. H., Guesalaga, A., Guzman, C. D., Henry, D., Holck, D., Hubert, Z., Huet, J. M., Kellerer, A., Kulcsar, C., Laporte, P., Le Roux, B., Looker, N., Longmore, A. J., Marteaud, M., Martin, O., Meimon, S., Morel, C., Morris, T. J., Myers, R. M., Osborn, J., Perret, D., Petit, C., Raynaud, H., Reeves, A. P., Rousset, G., Sanchez Lasheras, F., Sanchez Rodriguez, M., Santos, J. D., Sevin, A., Sivo, G., Stadler, E., Stobie, B., Talbot, G., Todd, S., Vidal, F. & Younger, E. J. (2016). Experience with wavefront sensor and deformable mirror interfaces for wide-field adaptive optics systems. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 459(2): 1350-1359.

Author(s) from Durham


Recent advances in adaptive optics (AO) have led to the implementation of wide field-of-view AO systems. A number of wide-field AO systems are also planned for the forthcoming Extremely Large Telescopes. Such systems have multiple wavefront sensors of different types, and usually multiple deformable mirrors (DMs). Here, we report on our experience integrating cameras and DMs with the real-time control systems of two wide-field AO systems. These are CANARY, which has been operating on-sky since 2010, and DRAGON, which is a laboratory AO real-time demonstrator instrument. We detail the issues and difficulties that arose, along with the solutions we developed. We also provide recommendations for consideration when developing future wide-field AO systems.