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Publication details for Professor Del Atkinson

Wang, Y., Shi, W. H., Wei, H. X., Atkinson, D., Zhang, B. S. & Han, X. F. (2012). Manipulation of magnetization reversal of Ni81Fe19 nanoellipse arrays by tuning the shape anisotropy and the magnetostatic interactions. Journal of Applied Physics 111(7): 07B909.

Author(s) from Durham


Two series of highly ordered two-dimensional arrays of Ni81Fe19 nanoellipses were nanofabaricated with different aspect ratios, R, and element separations, S, to investigate the influence of the self-demagnetization and the magnetostatic interaction upon the magnetization reversal. For nanostructures with low shape anisotropy, an additional magnetic easy axis was induced orthogonal to the shape-induced easy axis by reducing the separations along both axes. For the structures with larger shape anisotropy, the switching field distribution/coercivity (SFD/Hc ) was reduced, and for the array with the smallest separations (20 nm and 35 nm along the long and short axes, respectively), coherent rotation of the whole array occurred. The magnitude of both the shape anisotropy and a configurational anisotropy induced by the magnetostatic interactions have been estimated. These results provide some useful information for the design of potential magnetic nanodot logic and for high-density magnetic random access memory.