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Publication details for Professor Del Atkinson

Sultan, Musaab S., Das, Bipul, Mandal, Kalyan & Atkinson, Del (2012). Magnetic field alignment of template released ferromagnetic nanowires. Journal of Applied Physics 112(1): 013910.

Author(s) from Durham


A detailed investigation of magnetic field alignment of template released ferromagnetic nanowires has been undertaken. The distributions of magnetic field induced angular alignments of Ni 0.8Fe0.2, Co, and Ni nanowires grown by electro-deposition and deposited onto substrates from a dilute suspension have been investigated as a function of magnetic field strengths up to ∼1 kOe. The nominal diameter of the nanowires investigated is either ∼200 nm (Ni 0.8Fe0.2) or ∼300 nm (Co and Ni). The percentage of nanowires aligned within 0°–10° and 0°–20° of the applied field axis is observed to increase rapidly with increasing field strength up to ∼200 Oe, followed by a slower increase in alignment for the Ni 0.8Fe0.2 and Ni wires and little improvement in alignment for the Co wires at higher fields. The proportion of aligned wires within 0°–20° is found to reach ∼82% for Ni 0.8Fe0.2, ∼71% for Ni and only 53% for the Co nanowires using a magnetic field of 1 kOe. The influence of wire length upon the efficacy of magnetic alignment is investigated using Ni 0.8Fe0.2 and Ni nanowires; this showed that the fractional alignment improved for longer nanowires.