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Publication details for Professor Del Atkinson

Eastwood, D.S., King, J.A., Bogart, L.K., Cramman, H. & Atkinson, D. (2011). Chirality-dependent domain wall pinning in a multinotched planar nanowire and chirality preservation using transverse magnetic fields. Journal of Applied Physics 109(1): 013903.

Author(s) from Durham


Chirality-dependent pinning of magnetic domain walls (DWs) has been observed in a planar Ni81Fe19 nanowire with two spatially separated notches on opposite edges of the wire. Using focused magneto-optical Kerr effectmeasurements of field-driven magnetization reversal we show that several different metastable remanent magnetization states can be formed reproducibly, and that the application of a component of magnetic field transverse to the wire axis maintains the chirality of DW as it interacts with both notches and overcomes the problems of chirality loss due to Walker breakdown.