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Publication details for Professor Del Atkinson

Abes, M, Atkinson, D, Tanner, BK, Charlton, TR, Langridge, S, Hase, TPA, Ali, M, Marrows, CH, Hickey, BJ, Neudert, A, Hicken, RJ, Arena, D, Wilkins, SB, Mirone, A & Lebegue, S (2010). Spin polarization and exchange coupling of Cu and Mn atoms in paramagnetic CuMn diluted alloys induced by a Co layer. Physical Review B 82(18): 184412.

Author(s) from Durham


Using the surface, interface, and element specificity of x-ray resonant magnetic scattering in combination with x-ray magnetic circular dichroism, we have spatially resolved the magnetic spin polarization, and the associated interface proximity effect, in a Mn-based high-susceptibility material close to a ferromagnetic Co layer. We have measured the magnetic polarization of Mn and Cu 3d electrons in paramagnetic CuMn alloy layers in [Co/Cu(x)/CuMn/Cu(x)]20 multilayer samples with varying copper layer thicknesses from x=0 to 25 Å. The size of the Mn and Cu L2,3 edge dichroism shows a decrease in the Mn-induced polarization for increasing copper thickness indicating the dominant interfacial nature of the Cu and Mn spin polarization. The Mn polarization is much higher than that of Cu. Evidently, the Mn moment is a useful probe of the local spin density. Mn atoms appear to be coupled antiferromagnetically with the Co layer below x=10 Å and ferromagnetically coupled above. In contrast, the interfacial Cu atoms remain ferromagnetically aligned to the Co layer for all thicknesses studied.