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Khoze, V. A., Martin, A. D. & Ryskin, M. G. (2001). Double-diffractive processes in high resolution missing-mass experiments at the Tevatron. European Physical Journal C 19(3): 477-483.

Author(s) from Durham


We evaluate, in a model-independent way, the signal-to-background ratio for Higgs→ b¯b detection
in exclusive double-diffractive events at the Tevatron and the LHC. For the missing-mass approach to
be able to identify the Higgs boson, it will be necessary to use a central jet detector and to tag b quark jets.
The signal is predicted to be very small at the Tevatron, but observable at the LHC. However we note that
the background, that is double-diffractive dijet production, may serve as a unique gluon factory. We also
give estimates for the double-diffractive production of χc and χb mesons at the Tevatron. We emphasize
that a high-resolution missing-mass measurement, on its own, is insufficient to identify rare processes.


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